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Qingdao dewatering pump manufacturing co.,LTD

Company Profile
Qingdao dewatering engineering co., LTD., formerly known as the "China construction co., LTD."
Long-term cooperation of vacuum dewatering engineering team, specializing in the foundation pit
Construction of excavation, support, precipitation, foundation treatment, etc.
It will be formally established as a professional precipitation equipment and engineering in March, 2019
Limited to the company, the main business expansion is: 1
Production of point water pump (national patent);2. Production of precipitation consumables
Production (the latest standard of domestic industry);3. Special package for precipitation engineering;4.
Installation of water source (surface water) heat pump;5. Light well point water station
(for agriculture and green irrigation), etc

Contact Us
Company: Qingdao dewatering pump manufacturing co.,LTD
Contact: Mr. sir. xu
Address: huang dao
Postcode: 266555
Tel: 0086 13210080578;0086-13964272033
Fax: 0086-13964272033
Homepage: 0086dewatering

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