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Qingdao dewatering pump manufacturing co.,LTD

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head pipe

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Product Name: head pipe
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Specifications head pipe
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1. The company specializes in the production of vacuum well point precipitation machine;2. Power range :5-30kwa;3. Power: diesel engine power, motor power and pneumatic power;4. Motor frequency conversion is adjustable;5. Vacuum pump adopts water-ring vacuum pump with a vacuum degree up to -0.095mpa (different from vane vacuum pump, water vapor is compressed into condensed water after entering the pump, emulsifying oil and causing damage to the pump);6, water ring vacuum pump internal no wear parts, high service life;7. Multiple stainless steel coil coolers are installed in the vacuum buffer box to assist the cooling of diesel engine and water ring pump;8. Variable frequency precipitation machine can run automatically;9. Pneumatic precipitation system is more safe, innovative and innovative

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